A Prescription for Health

The Local Farmacy Rx program is designed to provide assistance and education to Montrose and Olathe families who may be at risk of developing a diet related disease. Local Farmacy Rx fosters partnerships between nutrition educators, community food producers and health care providers. The program is dedicated to increasing the consumption of local fruits and vegetables and improving the health of individuals in the Montrose and Olathe communities.

Family Cooking and Nutrition Classes

Teaches adults and children how to cook healthy meals on a budget.

Farmacy Buck$

An incentive program for the cooking and nutrition classes where participants receive a weekly stipend to purchase local fruits and vegetables.

Medical Provider Network

Provides fruit and vegetable prescriptions to Montrose and Olathe residents.

Family Network

A support system of participants where healthy eating is encouraged at gatherings and potlucks.

Local FarmacyRx Goals

  • Reduce barriers to fruit and vegetable intake
  • Reduce BMI in overweight family members
  • Increase knowledge about the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables
  • Increase knowledge of how to cook and prepare fruits and vegetables
  • Increase sales of locally-grown produce
  • Increase the number of medical providers who prescribe fruits and vegetables
The goal of the Farmacy Rx education is to empower participants to develop healthier shopping, cooking, and eating habits. By the conclusion of the program, participants will have acquired new knowledge of diet and nutrition, learned new cooking skills, and gained experience in purchasing, storing and preparing healthy foods.
Teresa Tomasi-Maloney

RD, Director of Nutrition and Diabetes Services

Now seeking 2020 LFRx Producers!

Do you sell locally-grown fruits & veggies in the Montrose/Delta area?

35 low-income families in Montrose & Delta will attend cooking & nutrition classes from July through October. Each week they will receive $30 worth of Local Farmacy Bucks to spend on local produce—sold by you!

Learn more and sign up to accept Local Farmacy Bucks during our 2020 Summer session

Information for Families

Who can participate?

  • Montrose and Olathe Families looking to increase their fruit and vegetable budgets up to $30 per week
  • Have children between the ages of 6 and 12
  • Qualify for SNAP
  • Families who can commit to attending 4 of 6 classes and 1 orientation



What will my family receive for participating?

  • Family-friendly cooking and nutrition education classes
  • Healthy recipe ideas using local fruits and vegetables
  • Up to $420.00 in Local Farmacy Bucks to purchase local fruit and vegetables
  • Bonus kitchen items


What does the program cover?

The Local Farmacy Rx education empowers families to work as a unit and to create a healthy meal during each session. Each family will learn about:

  • The importance of creating health goals
  • How to purchase healthy food on a budget
  • How to combat health risks by eating fruits and vegetables
  • Supporting and building relationships with local farmers
  • Effective ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into the family diet
  • Including children in cooking healthy meals


When does the program start?

Classes will be held during the summer in accordance with the local growing season. More details to follow later in the year.



Benefits of cooking as a family.

According to research, eating together as a family on a regular basis has some amazing effects. When sharing a meal together family bonds become stronger, children are more attentive, family members eat more nutritional meals, and they are less likely to be overweight.


Provider Network

Participating Providers
River Valley
Lars Stangebye
Pediatric Associates
Become a Provider
If you are a Montrose or Olathe medical provider and feel that your patients could benefit from receiving a Local Farmacy Rx Fruit and Vegetable prescription, join our network today!
I went home and showed my family how to read food labels.
2015 LFRx Participant

I am diabetic and never really thought I could like vegetables. When we shred them like this, I can’t taste them as much; I am beginning to like vegetables.
Father in LFRx Program

I did not realize how much you could actually buy at the Farmers Market for your money.
Father in Montrose, CO

We had no idea my husband had high blood pressure. Please tell the lady who took his blood pressure at the beginning of this program that he went back to the doctor, dropped 10 pounds and is eating a lot healthier.

LFRx Participant, Montrose, CO


In July 2014, funding was received from the Colorado Health Foundation for a two year implementation of Local Farmacy Rx. The education component was launched immediately with family cooking classes coupled with vouchers to the Montrose Farmers Market. During winter, after classes were completed, the medical provider network was created and doctors began prescribing fruits and vegetables to their patients using the Local Farmacy Rx prescription pad. In July 2015 the education program was opened again.

2014 Pilot: Nine families were enrolled in the Local Farmacy education program in the first year. By the end of the courses, families had practiced cooking healthy meals together, learned about the nutritional value of local fruits and vegetables, acquired healthy recipes and learned how to preserve fresh produce. Surveys indicated that families’ daily fruit and vegetable consumption increased, weight was lost, and certain health challenges were improved. In order to stay in touch with the participants, a Family Network was developed comprising of monthly potlucks.

2015: A year later the program expanded significantly, providing four classes in total, two of which were held in Montrose at Cedar Creek Church and two in Olathe at the Community Center and Old King James Baptist Church. At each location one English and one Bilingual course were offered. In 2015 families were referred to Local Farmacy Rx through the Medical Provider Network and with the help of organizational partners. A total of 32 families and 100 individuals were enrolled in 2015.



2016: We began to partner with Cooking Matters, a nationally-recognized cooking and nutrition curriculum, and blended it with our local food focus. 



2020: As of January 2020, we are gearing up for another great year of Local Farmacy, after taking 2019 off due to staffing changes.