Growing Healthy Communities Coalition

The Growing Healthy Communities Coalition (GHCC), is a multi-sector collaborative of approximately 50 diverse stakeholders representing agriculture, public schools, public health, health care, local recreation districts, faith-based and non-profit groups, federal food assistance programs and state/local government agencies. GHCC is housed within Valley Food Partnership.

We believe that equal voice and access to community resources is important so that all members of our community, regardless of income, age, ability or cultural background, have the freedom to enjoy a healthy life. As such, the Growing Health Communities Coalition values diverse cultural traditions that promote health and wellness, and invites diverse participation in decision-making, leadership and health-promotion opportunities.


Montrose and Olathe are thriving, engaged communities that embrace healthy eating, active living and lifelong learning.


  • Empower the community to improve its health through education and increased access to locally grown nutritious food.
  • Encourage active living through education and positive changes to policy and infrastructure.
  • Empower workplaces to offer an environment encouraging participation in wellness that includes physical and emotional health, healthy eating, and active living.
  • Create a culture of healthy young people by providing an enriching environment that promotes and builds opportunities for nutritional wellness and active bodies.

Growing Healthy Communities Coalition Partners

River Valley
Montrose Recreation District
Montrose Memorial Hospital
Montrose Community Foundation
Montrose & Olathe Schools
Hispanic Affairs Project
City of Montrose
Center for Mental Health